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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Book Lists

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Series

Most Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror fans like a good series. Once we find a book we like we want to return to that universe time and again for more great adventures with the characters and settings we already know. Of course, Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror authors and publishers are only too happy to indulge our obsession. Indeed, single stand-alone books are becoming a thing of the past with trilogies or better being the norm. More is more these days.

The Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Series list contains all of the series in the WWEnd database for your easy perusal. So whether you're looking for a trilogy, tetralogy, pentalogy, hexalogy, heptalogy, octalogy, ennealogy, or decalogy you've come to the right place. If you are a logged in WWEnd member you can see all the series you have tagged on a single page by clicking the "My Series" link in the nav bar below. Enjoy!

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