Europe At Midnight

Dave Hutchinson
Europe At Midnight Cover

a 21st century version of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell


When I reread my review of Europe In Autumn, I realized I'd actually written a review for Europe At Midnight already. Nearly everything I mentioned there holds true for this second installment in the Fractured Europe Sequence: no filler, solid prose, interesting geopolitical setting, some references to spy novels, no pretension, entertaining, fresh, snappy, imaginative, gritty. As you might know Midnight is not a sequel to Autumn, but more of a companion volume.

So, what's the new?


If you haven't read the first book, do not read the next two paragraphs. While reading it struck me that Europe At Midnight is a kind of 21st century version of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. That might sound a bit goofy, but bear with me... Just like Susanna Clarke's 2004 masterpiece, it has Englishness all over it it. And even more importantly, it also deals with characters wanting to explore a hidden alternate reality, an alternate reality that is woven from a different fabric, but very connected nonetheless. This other universe is also at odds with our own, and is of a conservative nature, a universe stuck in a bygone era.


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