The Three-Body Problem

Cixin Liu
The Three-Body Problem Cover

The Three-Body Problem


Congratulations Mr. Cixin Liu. You have just entered a very select society. What society is that you ask? The "Authors I will kick in the nuts if I ever meet you" society. Congratulations, your certificate is in the mail and you should receive it shortly.

Why? you may ask have I been singled out to become a member of a society so exclusive, there is currently only one other member, Brandon Sanderson. Well, we have elected you because when we the membership committee, which currently includes Badseedgirl and the creepy little voice that lives in her head, finished reading your book we momentarily thought Donald Trump might be right about the "scientific elite" and anyone who makes this committee think that Donald Trump is right about anything is worthy of this award. In fact because of this achievement, this committee is proud to announce that you have you Mr. Cixin Liu have been awarded the prestigious "Order of the Steel Toe"! That right not only will you be receiving a kick to the nuts, but we on the committee are happy to report that we will be wearing our steel toed boots at the time. Again congratulations you earned it!

But seriously, I don't know if it was because of the translation, or that it was written under the edicts of communist China, but scientist do not come off well in this book. This is a quote about the members of the ETO, the secret scientist led pro-alien group:

"Common people did not seem to have the comprehensive and deep understanding of the highly educated about the dark side of humanity."

Really, I don't know what part of humanity this writer was talking about, but just ask a mother who has to decide to pay the electric bill or the water bill because they don't have money for both about the "dark side of humanity."

The thing is the sci-fi story is good, and I am curious to see what happens with the aliens, but I'm going to have to really think about how much I want to know before I commit to another book in this series.