Jay Kristoff
Nevernight Cover



Our dark-ridden heroine wants to be an assassin when she grows up, in order to avenge her family that was killed by the big bad consul of the republic. The world they live in is a copy of the times of the Roman Republic when it started to transform into the Roman Empire, only the capital is in Venice instead of Rome. And the world has three suns, and night (almost never) sets.

So, she looks for and finds the forbidden assassin's school, pays its tuition (teeth from a killed killer), and has many adventures and misadventures while learning the tricks of the trade. She reluctantly falls in love with a troubled young boy, yadda, yadda, yadda, foils a plot by the authorities to take over the school, and graduates by the end of the year.

Sound corny and cliche, and it is, but it's also extremely fun to read, and a real page turner. Can't wait for the next installment where she'll go after the marks (It's made clear in the beginning that she will ultimately succeed in her quest and kill the big bad). The book never lacks in humor, especially the gallows variety.

P.S. The blowjob scene blew me away.