Fran Wilde
Updraft Cover



I really liked this book. I enjoy books that create a world and make it real. This one is a strange world of living bone towers that people live in and they fly on wings that they make. This novel deals with secrets and mysteries that have endured for generations. The power of one clique over the rest of society. It's almost like a religion. The sect of Singers are there to protect the citizens from invisible, yet very real, skymouths, carnivorous monsters with large mouths and shark-like teeth, and tentacles.

Updraft, is reminiscent of other novels, such as Hunger Games, in that the people in charge (The Singers council) have deeply held secrets allowing them to remain in power.

Kirit, is the main character, and all she wants is to become a Trader, like her mother. In fact she wants to become an apprentice to her mother. However, fate has another destiny in store. As she watches her mother leave their bone tower home to go on her latest trading mission, she is attacked by one of these invisible skymouths. As she is attacked she screams and the monster backs off. Her screams were not the typical screams, but a secret Singer type scream that allows the Singers to save the city from these beasts of the air. It turns out that Kirit's life has been one secret piled on another, and she is a Singer born, though she had no idea. When a Singer comes to her rescue, she is labeled a Lawsbreaker and must do penance.

Her plans to become a Trader are changed, not by her but by the Singer that came to her rescue. She is after many trials and hardships allowed to become a Singer, and the world is never the same again.