The Troop

Nick Cutter
The Troop Cover

The Troop


I hesitated to read this book, because although I really enjoy splatterpunk, I get tired of reading marginal storylines with gore just for gore sakes. Now I feel bad I waited so long to read this book. It was a Yeti riding a unicorn. A splatterpunk book with a really great storyline and character development, so actually cared whos guts were being spilled all over the pages.

I (almost) literally could not put this book down. I even took it with me to the bathroom so I could read just... one... more... page. (I know I have a problem, and admitting it is the first step) I finished reading it in less than 48 hours and that included 24 hours I was at work.

All these kids were pretty f#cked up before they even get to the island, and yet I was still rooting for these kids to survive. Well......... not Shelly. He was just a little psychopath and I was glad to see him eviscerated.

I have already borrowed another Nick Cutter book from my library and that is the highest praise I can give him.