I Sing the Body Electric!

Ray Bradbury
I Sing the Body Electric! Cover

I Sing the Body Electric!


If you enjoy Ray Bradbury's inimical style of writing, you'll enjoy this collection of stories. Some are not particularly memorable and many are. I've seen a couple of different editions that list different stories. The version I read included a number of stories that I had read before, nearly all of the stories in the second half or final third of the book, published elsewhere -perhaps in The Martian Chronicles, or The Illustrated Man, or Dandelion Wine. It was a pleasure to revisit them, to enjoy Bradbury's prose.

The blurb here on WWEnd lists 18 stories. Mine had 29 stories:
"The Kilimanjaro Device"
"The Terrible Conflagration Up at the Place"
"Tomorrow's Child"
"The Women"
"The Inspired Chicken Motel"
"Downwind from Gettysburg"
"Yes, We'll Gather at the River"
"The Cold Wind and the Warm"
"Night Call, Collect"
"The Haunting of the New"
"I Sing the Body Electric!"
"The Tombling Day"
"Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby's Is a Friend of Mine"
"The Man in the Rorschach Shirt"
"Henry the Ninth"
"The Lost City of Mars"
"The Blue Bottle"
"One Timeless Spring"
"The Parrot Who Met Papa"
"The Burning Man"
"A Piece of Wood"
"The Messiah"
"G.B.S.-Mark V"
"The Utterly Perfect Murder"
"Punishment Without Crime"
"Getting Through Sunday Somehow"
"Drink Entire: Against the Madness of Crowds"
"Christus Apollo"