Ann Leckie
Provenance Cover

an anecdotal, light Leckie


I enjoyed reading Provenance, but after I put it down the question whether this really was a good book quickly took my enjoyment hostage. As entertainment it works just fine: others have called it a comedy of manners, and Leckie has a distinctive, somewhat detached style which helps her create awkward social atmospheres seemingly effortlessly.


The Imperial Radch trilogy was about what being human means: determined, conscious and loving bodies--whether made of flesh or not. As such it resonated deeply with me. Provenance's philosophical blueprint operates on a smaller scale, so small I couldn't really say what it is, except for that call for self-realization. As such, this is a generic children's story: be what you want to be. Yet the nature & difficulties of our will doesn't seem to be an important topic anymore, and that's a missed opportunity: protagonist Ingray's motivations are hardly examined.


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