The Boggart

Susan Cooper
The Boggart Cover

The Boggart


A slightly dated pre-teen book about a trickster spirit from Scotland that ends up shipped to Canada. The kids are the main characters and the adults busy or clueless. I liked the environment and the problem solving our heroes go through, and found the book fun, if short.

Nine year old Jessup has more hobbies (hockey and computers) and is better fleshed out than older sister Emily. While in Toronto, there are a few too many instances of the adults not believing the kids, despite the evidence. Other than that, the plot and resolution are believable and work well. The Celtic side characters are great, and the villain is suitably creepy.

Author Susan Cooper is better known for her award winning fantasy series The Dark is Rising. She has won other awards for childrens literature and came to my attention through the World Fantasy Award she was awarded in 2013. I would definitely like to read more from this author.