An Ocean of Minutes

Thea Lim
An Ocean of Minutes Cover

An Ocean of Minutes


An Ocean of Minutes has a fascinating premise and I picked it up as soon as I came across it at the library rather than adding it to my TBR List where it would most likely be forgotten about for years. I feel like I owe other books an apology for prioritizing this book over them because it's just a problematic mess on many levels.

The protagonist, Polly, is annoying and unbearable. I never cared about her or her relationship with her boyfriend Frank. The characters are caricatures, their motivations are wafer-thin, and the dialogue is stilted. The world building is unexciting but complicated. I felt frustrated trying to understand the particulars of the time traveling.

Honestly, giving this book 2 Stars is a bit generous. I'm not quite sure why I didn't DNF it.