Bone Dance

Emma Bull
Bone Dance Cover

Bone Dance


Hoodoo and tarot in a post crash setting, this is more fantasy than science fiction - though many reviews at the time mentioned cyberpunk. Electronics feature prominently, but no computers. The setting and characters (and villains) are strong - this would make a good movie.

This is likely set in Minnesota, though no locations I recognize were mentioned. The world is hinted at without being explicitly shown or discussed, which is perfect for this tale. Along with electronics, our main character Sparrow deals in videotapes of old movies, preferably original releases, and other ephemera - which was fun to follow.

Published in 1991, the measuring stick of the day was cyberpunk, and arguably this has aspects of that. That said, the main focus is the characters, the balance of magic, and the tarot. My only complaint is that I kept putting the book down for other things - it never grabbed me until the end. It would make a decent movie or miniseries, but even without that it's a good story - 4 stars and recommended.