The Barsoom Project

Larry Niven, Steven Barnes
The Barsoom Project Cover

The Barsoom Project


This second book in what is now a series of four was written six years after the first. In this double mystery are elements of the game, the park workings, and an in-park presentation being made to pitch "The Barsoom Project", a Mars colonization effort.

Read this one originally in or shortly after college. Star Trek TNG debuted while this was being written, and I wonder if their holodeck influenced the authors. The mystery and characters are good, and we see humor from the players of the game, one of whom is a comedian. An afterword talks about sources for the legends and science, and also the IFGS, a real-life society founded to try and create a real Dream Park sometime in the future.

This book references the original novel, but could almost stand alone. Purchased the third book also, but not sure whether I read it at the time. That mystery will be solved this year, when I attempt to finish off this series.