Three Go Back

J. Leslie Mitchell
Three Go Back Cover

Three Go Back - J Leslie Mitchell


This time travel book was published by Galaxy Science Fiction in 1932, and may have been serialized before that. It features a strong female lead character and lacks the sexism of most books of that era. No method is given for time travel - and it is more a soapbox anyways.

Our protagonists are travelling via airship across the Atlantic. The crossing is marred by a major event, leaving them with no radio connection and ultimately crashing into a mountain in the middle of the ocean - or what we later find out is Atlantis. The surviving three passengers quickly leave the area of the wreck and get on with interacting with their surroundings - beasts, starvation, and weather.

These, and the humanoids introduced later, seem more a means for the author to focus on his philosophy on the nature of humanity. This is done through character discussion primarily, and those chapters drag a bit. I found it good, not great, and the ending was most irritating of all.

The book is out of copyright and freely available, through and project Gutenberg. It is a quick read, and I probably put it on my reading list because of the time travel aspects - one of a handful of early 20th century books in this genre.