Nicola Griffith
Ammonite Cover

A Story of a World Without Men


Ammonite contains an incredibly detailed alien world described in vivid detail. The wide varieties of all-female communities on the planet Jeep are complex and mostly believable, though I was a little surprised that no problems arising from the absence of men were addressed. The future science elements--biofeedback and genetic memory--are not really treated in a scientifically rigorous way, and the reader is expected to accept quite a lot of mysticism. Though many of the characters were quite compelling, I thought that the main character, Marghe, seemed rather bland and wishy-washy. Since much of the book focused on her self-discovery, this did seriously affect my enjoyment of the novel. I was most intrigued by the plight of the abandoned Company personnel, headed by Danner, but a frustratingly small amount of time was spent featuring these characters. Overall, if you're willing to accept the premises, Ammonite delivers an interesting story.

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