A Time of Changes

Robert Silverberg
A Time of Changes Cover

A Time of Changes


I've read two book by Robert Silverberg, Gilgamesh the King and Son of Man. This book was like the latter: strange and somewhat difficult to understand. I really liked the writing of all three though. I think Silverberg is probably one of the more literary science fiction writers, with excellent prose. Sometimes though that can be a downfall, and it sort of was here. This book is almost all prose with little plot. It tells the life story of a man on a planet long ago colonized by Earth who discovers a drug that lets him break through the culturally embedded philosophy of the destruction of self and discovers that to truly love, he must truly be in touch with himself. It goes on and on about his life and doesn't get to plot until well after halfway through the book. Nonetheless, it won him the Nebula in 1971 and was one of his many Hugo nominations.

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