When Voiha Wakes

Joy Chant
When Voiha Wakes Cover

When Voiha Wakes


This was an interesting read. I had a lot of trouble getting into it. In the middle, I kind of finally got into the main plot. Then I loved the last forty pages. This is a short book, only 160 pages, and it takes most of it to the get the punch it packs. It's basically a love story in a world where men are only meant for the crafts (pottery, carpentry, etc.) and women do everything else including govern. Most importantly, music is not valued, and is not seen as a viable craft for a man. It's set in the same world as Red Moon and Black Mountain, but it is a self-contained story. It won the 1984 Mythopoeic Award. I don't believe it was so good to win an award, but there are no other nominees listed for that year. I checked the Mythopoeic Society's website and for 1984, it says that the other nominees are not available. I would have liked to have seen who else was considered that year.

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