Ninefox Gambit

Yoon Ha Lee
Ninefox Gambit Cover

Standard Plot Obscured By Unexplained Jargon...


I liked the characters and dialog but didn't care much for the plot nor the obfuscated descriptions. This would likely be a 3.5-star book for me had the author provided just a little bit more background for all the jargon that was thrown in haphazardly. The book is not badly written - the characterization and dialog are both quite good - but the lack of definition in the world-building made for a tough read. I was fairly well invested in finding out where things were headed but, at the end of the day, the plot was a fairly standard set of action sequences culminating in a typical final showdown with the 'bad guy'. It's possible I will give the 2nd book a try at some point but I'm not highly motivated after finishing this first one.