The Only Good Indians

Stephen Graham Jones
The Only Good Indians Cover

The Only Good Indians


Winter is coming to the Blackfeet Nation in northwest Montana, and it's time to pay up on transgressions that are 10 years past due. Back then, four boys caught up in the frenzy of a once in a lifetime hunting opportunity, crossed a seriously sacred line, breaking the delicate balance that maintains natural order and the perfect arc that is the circle of life. It's been a long decade for a particularly frightening and formidable spirit, and she won't be stopped until she's recouped everything that's been stolen from her on that fateful day. Brace yourself for an antler-impaling, skull-stomping fright-fest!

The setting is vividly painted for you in icy blues and bloody reds, and the well-developed characters are truly believable (don't get too attached - haha). The plot will lull you into warm comfort just to shatter that brief respite with another blizzard of climactic terror, and then another, and another. I had a serious love-hate relationship with this book and how it made me feel from page to page, but it wouldn't be a great horror novel without building you up and breaking you down. Beautifully crafted payoffs and one seriously badass final girl made it all so very worth the angst along the way.

Contemporary horror is alive and well thanks in large part to Stephen Graham Jones!