Wandl the Invader / I Speak for Earth

Keith Woodcott, Ray Cummings
Wandl the Invader / I Speak for Earth Cover

Wandl the Invader


This is a bog-standard space opera, complete with weird, ultro-powerful aliens, plucky, street smart and gosh-darn likeable heroes, tough as nails commanders and appropriately submissive and compliant women (who do, in this case, get to play an important part in defeating the alien menace before returning to their passive roles).

Alien invaders try to take over Earth, Mars and Venus in a way never before conceived, and the scrappy Earth-Venus-Mars alliance must depend on two spacefarers to turn the tide.

It suffers from the usual dated concepts. These can be overlooked to some extent, though they create some pretty awesome plot holes as the story progresses.

It is also a sequel to an earlier novel titled Brigands of the Moon, which stars the same heroes but very diferent villains.

Not worth going out of your way to read, but if you like this, I srongly recommend reading Brigands of the Moon first.