Artifact Space

Miles Cameron
Artifact Space Cover

Beware deadly orphans!


I bought this because it kept getting advertised to me by Amazon, and I thought ho, hum; another poor-bullied-patrician-orphan-makes-good-big-ship-drama. And... yes, it is all that, but it is VERY well written, impeccably constructed, and eminently readable. The saga very realistically (as far as I am concerned) delves into just what sort of training our deadly urchin needs to be a starship officer - possibly in TOO much detail sometimes; I was losing track of all of the command locations and functions after a while - and leads one through a LOT of build-up to actual combat. A bit like playing Wing Commander, then! ????

As for the deadly orphan bit: our hero really is pretty lethal, and well drawn as a person. The society, too - though WHY would a future star-travelling society that uses nanotech use ducats as a currency??

Oh, and as an aside, this is the first book I've read in a while that actually uses an imaginative pronoun - and not they, or them - for people known as androgynes. I wish more did!