The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray Cover

The Picture of Dorian Gray


I really didn't like this book. I easily would have DNF'd it if I didn't have to read it for my English class but because I did, I ended up reading the entire thing. I was excited to read it too, a book that's widely acclaimed and has a plotline that on the outside sounds pretty interesting. Dorian Gray remaining youthful while a painting takes on his slowly degenerating morals and subsequent sins.

But it didn't end up being what I thought it would be, it was mostly LOOONG talks about philosophy that wern't interesting in the slightest. For most of the book I was just struggling to concentrate which is never a good sign. I was so board and done by the time I got to parts that were semi-interesting it just didn't matter because I knew in a couple pages I'd be board again. Now I will say maybe I'm not at the age for this book and in 2o years I'll re-read it and find interest in all of the conversations but I think at most it's a 50/50 chance. Because I could understand enough of the conversations I just either didn't agree or didn't care about them.

Next, I hated all the characters, I didn't get connected to a single one the entire book which is one of the pleasures of storytelling. I hated Dorian and everyone else as soon as they were introduced. Basil wasn't bad but he was too boring to actually connect with. Most of the characters were rich and lazy as hell and talked all day because they didn't actually need to do anything meaningful with their lives. They act superior and snooty and because that's the only thing you see, I don't understand how anyone likes this book. I don't care about their conversations and parties, it was all boring. The writing is pretty good and fancy, but I don't actually get anything from the words. I don't see how this book could have been made better which is something I always consider when I have problems with a book. I think so much would have to be changed for me to enjoy this book it would be a entirely different book.

Pretty disappointed, I was expecting more.