Rubicon Beach

Steve Erickson
Rubicon Beach Cover

Rubicon Beach: A Novel


This is essentially three distinct stories all tied in together at the end rather loosely to make a more or less cohesive whole. It is very important to remember events and details in each section as they may or may not directly connect to the rest of the next or previous stories.

As such, it is an interesting read as three separate stories, but together it came across as stapled together, rathen than intinsically connected on some deeper level.

The writing is high quality, and the characters interesting. It can engage you quickly and keep you interested, but then the first tale will end and you will start again, only to see the whole come together rather unexpectedly in the last several pages or so.

Many issues seem to vanish as the tales are wrapped together, and I found it confusing that the different stories intersected, as they seemed set in vastly different times and places.

Overall a mixed bag at best.