The Anubis Gates

Tim Powers
The Anubis Gates Cover

A Timeless Adventure


The Anubis Gates is a fast-paced, imaginative, adventure story, featuring a middling academic, Brendan Doyle, who’s stuck in a supernatural take on early 1800s England. Doyle has a much rougher time than he initially expects, but his resilience, resourcefulness, and general pro-active attitude all make him a very entertaining protagonist. Powers’ fictional 1800s are filled with all sorts of interesting characters: sorcerers, beggars, gypsies, poets, murderers, time travelers, cross-dressers and more. The Anubis Gates is a highly entertaining novel, though its use of several common adventure plot-elements does render a few of its twists predictable. Altogether, it is a timeless kind of story that I imagine will continue to be enjoyed by people for many more years to come.

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