Mona Lisa Overdrive

William Gibson
Mona Lisa Overdrive Cover

Conclusion of the Classic Cyberpunk Trilogy


Neuromancer starts with four wildly disparate plotlines, and it also includes various characters from the previous two novels. The four plotlines feature compelling main characters, but their stories never quite seemed to merge successfully. The plot is interesting, but it is so unnecessarily complicated that everything seems to be bogged down by the weight of exposition. Some major plot points revolved around characters who were only briefly even present in the story, and whose motivations never made an awful lot of sense. Still, I was glad to see Gibson’s gritty future society again. It was fun to see characters I knew from previous novels, and the four main characters might be my favorite Gibson characters so far. In the end, I’d say I liked this novel about as much as Count Zero, but for different reasons.

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