Blood Cross

Faith Hunter
Blood Cross Cover

Blood Cross


"Blood Cross" is book 2 the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter. And Jane just keeps getting better!

Jane Yellowrock is a Cherokee skinwalker, able to take the form of any animal. She isn't quite sure how old she is, but she does know that she accidently "stole" the form of a mountain lion to save her life when she was very young. Since then she has had two souls living inside her, one "Beast" the mountain lion, and her own soul. The two make for very interesting views on the world, the more practical Beast sometimes making more sense of the situation by paring down all the human emotions from it. We also get more peeks into the origin of the vampires, with a bit of real history merged with the story line.

I personally love the growth I'm seeing of Jane, and her relationship with her friend Molly and Molly's children. Jane is one tough cookie, but tougher on herself than anyone else. I can relate to being hard on yourself! But besides that I LOVE her sense of humor!! Sometimes her mental, dry one liners have me waking up my husband when I read in bed! LOL! I also love hearing Beast's point of view. Hunter keeps it believable, practical as an animal would be, instead of trying to turn her into what we often WISH "our" animals were, and I appreciate that.

The series continues as Jane looks for the rogue vamp maker she was contracted to kill in the end of "Skinwalker", but now witch children are also being threatened. This is the last thing that anyone should do around Jane, because her maternal side has "killing teeth and killing claws"!!

If you enjoy urban fantasy, this series is a "DO NOT MISS"!!