Mira Grant
Feed Cover



I am not a writer. I promised myself I would take part of the WOGF and that means I have to write reviews. Erk. So here it goes. And I am sorry.

Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire) is a genius. I really enjoy zombie stories, so figured I would like this, but it took me by surprise because I loved it instead. I started the book assuming that Feed referred to the fact that zombies need to...well...feed. And it was about that, but it was more about the fact that blogging, in the future, post-apocalyptic world, has become a necessity. Not only does the blog feed keep folks informed about what is really going on, but in essence, it feeds a need in everyone to get the most current information.

The detail of the world that was created was amazing - the different types of bloggers, the actual research into the epidemiology of how the disease could theoretically spread, and the relationship of the virus to its host. As I was reading, I was simply stunned at the level of detail and gobstruck (is that a word?) that anyone could imagine all of that. I was a big fan of the Irwin's by the way, simply because of the cool factor of the name (crazy, danger-seeking, reporter-like folks who were named after the intrepid and sorely missed Steve Irwin).

I was, however, not happy that with the twist that befell George (one of the main characters) towards the end. That was mean and it made me cry. I understand that it fit the story and that sometimes good guys/gals have to take one in the tuckus for the purpose of the narrative, but really?! Talk about packing an emotional punch.

Overall, I enjoyed the heck out of this story and of course will be reading on to find out what happens to everyone.