The Einstein Intersection

Samuel R. Delany
The Einstein Intersection Cover

The Einstein Intersection - Brilliant but not a favorite for me


*deep breath*

That was quite an experience. I loved the writing; it really drew me in. However, by the last 25% I think I was reading just to finish.. Admittedly, I maybe didn't choose the best day to finish it (in doctors' waiting rooms, finally winding up on crutches and in a knee immobilizer while I wait on MRI results), but still I couldn't help thinking at times "I could do without this, it's just too over the top".

In summary, I liked the writing, the society that was built, and the underlying message about difference, which in my mind, was that in some way everybody is different and the only way to succeed in your life's work is to recognize and appreciate how you are different and use it rather than hate or try to hide it. Also, as an engineer, I like the idea of mathematical theorems applied to philosophy.

However, something about the scenes at the city just didn't work for me. I know that this is supposed to in part be an examination of the role of mythology in society, but I felt I was being hit over the head with it.

This was my first Delany. I am intrigued enough that I might try another book, but probably not right away.