The Stormcaller

Tom Lloyd
The Stormcaller Cover

The Stormcaller


This book didn't quite gel with me. In some ways it reminded me of Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson, which a lot of people do like, but which didn't work for me. It's kind of that the stories don't fit into a satisfying story shape, and that the dynamic range, the raising and lowering of dramatic tension, is out of kilter.

The central character in Stormcaller is not all that likeable. You're not quite sure he isn't going to turn into the villain at some point. The story is difficult to describe. The start of it is about Isak coming into his unwanted inheritance, then it takes a bit of a turn and becomes about something else, the beginning of what I guess will be the series threat.

I read the book with reasonable contentment, but I didn't feel very inclined to continue with the series. I've given it 2.5/5.