The Female Man

Joanna Russ
The Female Man Cover

The Female Man


ling here, insightful there, semi-coherent at times, and for a fair bit nothing but vitriol and man-hating. It takes special pains it mock and ridicule male feminists, so I think it's fair to say this is more on the extremist end of the spectrum.

Or is it? This is a fairly old book. What were the times like? Could a novel as vicious and merciless as this really have been necessary to effect the shift? It seems to me only women who've lived through the period can answer that. So discussing the politics of this is nigh on impossible for me, unacqauinted with the period and too lazy to Google it as I am.

It was an interesting read, and given some of the examples of entrenched sexism I've seen, I'm going to second Megan at From Couch to Moon who thinks everyone should read this by the time they're 18. But it's not an enjpyable read, and if you're male and consider yourself feminist, prepare to have your views by turn ridiculed and despised