Darwin's Radio

Greg Bear
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Darwin's Radio


I haven't read Greg Bear before. I just finished Blood Music and then went right into Darwin's Radio. Both are fairly hard science fiction having to do with genetic biology. My knowledge of this subject is pretty rudimentary, so I can't tell how well founded Bear's science is. It seems authentic, but it I suppose it could be complete malarkey. If it is malarkey, that makes the science fiction that much better, because it seems so sciency. I found Darwin's Radio to be quite a compelling story, much more so than Blood Music, which I felt went a little over the top. Darwin's Radio had much better character development, and the plot, while maybe just a little far fetched, wasn't too hard to accept. Regardless of the science, Bear nailed the societal reaction to Herod's Flu. Scared and angry crowds of people will become mobs and government will sacrifice civil liberties in the name of the public good.

I'm ready for the sequel.