Children of God

Mary Doria Russell
Children of God Cover

Children of God


This sequel to The Sparrow wasn't required, but sums things up nicely and overall is a better book than its predecessor.

The characters in this novel felt more fleshed out, and this was a welcome change. Those brought forward were also more rounded, except John Candotti, who took a back seat role here.

The initial reveal, while basically required by the original story, was less than pleasing. It is hard to believe that a renowned linguist could make that big a mistake, or indeed suffer so much because of it. This was a minor point compared to the rest of the story.

Sofia returns to play a major role, and no Prime Directive holds her back. Comparisons to her background are also well done - this is an excellent character. The resolution of her situation works nicely.

It did take me a month to work through this book, with many interruptions. The text never kept me from putting it down, nor called out to me to finish. Likewise, I didn't spend hours pondering what I had read.

These two books were the first published by Mary Doria Russell, and the second shows a more polished writer. Looking forward to reading some of her more recent work - I have Doc on hold at the library.