The Bone Clocks

David Mitchell
The Bone Clocks Cover

The Bone Clocks


A hard book to review. To start at the beginning, it starts with a rebellious 15 year-old named Holly having an argument with her mother and deciding to run away from home. Absolutely everything about the first few chapters I hated. Teenagers, rebellious or otherwise, are rarely what I wish to read about, and whinning ones with zero gratitude for all the good they have are the worst. Holly was one of those sort.

Fortunately, things got interesting when two new friends of Holly's are murdered and she is offered sanctuary by someone very strange. So despite the shaky start I continued reading, and am glad I did. The book follows Holly into adulthood and the strange war she finds herself involved in between two groups of immortals.

This wasn't an easy or quick read, it took me twice as long as a book its size would normally take, but it was an investment in time well worth making.