Lord of Light

Roger Zelazny
Lord of Light Cover

Lord of Light - Perfect Read


After reading Sci-Fi for thirty years I have finally found the best book. Zelazny is very efficient with words so a careful rather than a speed read will be rewarded. Very vivid and exciting book with action scenes and protagonist dialogue which would make Quentin Tarratino proud. Excellent narrative and characters and the only advice is to keep track of the good guys vs bad guys as this can be hard at times since names and sex of characters change dependent on reincarnation. By far the most exciting and vivid read which begs the question as to why this hasn't been made into a movie since there are demons and battle scenes bigger than Lord of the Rings Best character is one who ends up being a monkey. "Go peel a banana with your Feet", close second is the Lord of Death. Can't recommend this any higher than 5 stars. But would if I could.