Dark Orbit

Carolyn Ives Gilman
Dark Orbit Cover

Dark Orbit


I just want to forget this book. Yet this review has 2107 words. I want to apologize for that in advance. If you don't want a fairly detailed analysis (plot holes, etc.), you can just skip to the 2.5 last paragraphs.

This fourth entry in the Twenty Planet universe started promising, and I enjoyed the first 100 pages a lot, but after about 1/3rd it turned into a giant mess. Really, a giant, giant mess. Then again, maybe I have read too much Wittgenstein and Rorty and Kant and theory of mind to be impressed by the epistemological profundities this book wears so proud on its sleeves. The problem with Dark Orbit is that it tries to offer a scientific take on magic, but ultimately falls flat on its face because it's so muddled itself. I have no problem with mystics: I'm intrigued by all kinds of mysticism. But what I can't stand is authors who don't think things through.


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