The Bands of Mourning

Brandon Sanderson
The Bands of Mourning Cover

The Bands of Mourning



This one is my favorite in the Wax and Wayne continuity so far. It really opens up so many avenues and introduces new concepts into the Mistborn world.

For the first time we meet the southern Scadrians, and we get to see their novel usage of Feruchemy. We really dig into the Cosmere concepts of Identity and Investiture, as well as Connection. I've been waiting to learn more about these concepts since they were introduced in the Ars Arcanum earlier in the series.

This book was action packed from beginning to end, and filled with lore and mystery.

Finally we begin to see a relationship develop between Wax and Steris, and it feels genuine. Wayne's affection for Wax becomes so apparent at the end sequence of the book when he picks up a gun and fires it in Wax's name.

Ultimately this is the best installment in the Wax and Wayne series and it really does such a good job at fleshing out Scadrial and the characters.