Scott Sigler
Infected Cover

A Rapid Fire Gorefest


Lots of blood and gore abound in this story of alien spores that infect human hosts and drive them homicidally insane. Originally released as a podcast novel, Infected ended up being a lot of fun and I wound up liking this book a whole lot more than I thought I would. Rapid-fire chapters keep the story moving along quickly and author Scott Sigler has some pretty cool ideas that I'm interested in seeing where he takes as the series progresses.

As I do with most of my "reads", I actually listened to the audiobook, as performed by the author in this case. The one negative note I made to share was how annoyingly he voiced the main female character, Margaret Montoya, only to be beaten to the punch by Sigler himself! In the final "Hello There Listener..." portion of the auiobook, where he thanks the audience for listening, he says that he insisted on narrating the story. "I think I did an okay job although I'm pretty sure people will never, ever stop ripping on me for my female voices."