Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg
Nightfall Cover



Note that the classic short story of the same title is VASTLY superior.

Although this book was officially a "collaboboration", it is my very strong hunch that is was essentially all written by Robert Silverberg. He has made an effort to write it in Asimov's style, as he did for both The Ugly Little Boy and The Positronic Man. All three of these novels are OK - but the original stories are so much better that you really owe it to yourself to read them.

Of the three, I would say that Nightfall suffers the most from being expanded into a novel. The process tranforms one of the most memorable short stories of all time into just another post-apocalyptic saga.

Also please note re my rating system: 1 1/2 stars in my rating means that I gave this novel a "C" when I read it I start at one star meaning c -, and proceed one half star at a time up to 5 stars meaning A+. One half star is reserved for BOMBS - D+ and lower.