The Tomorrow People

Judith Merril
The Tomorrow People Cover

The Tomorrow People - Judith Merril


Judith Merril was a good editor of SF collections, and likely wrote a few good books, including collaborations with C.M. Kornbluth. This book is not one of them, and I am abandoning my attempt to finish it at just over half way through.

The main character at the beginning is an astronaut, though it seems the real main character is introduced part way in - his girl friend (and then mother of his child). His story is the mystery of what happened on Mars, her story seems to be what is happening on the moon, and then there's a third plotline with a politician trying to shut down the moon program. As if this soap opera wasn't difficult enough to follow, the story is told primarily through character dialog. It feels like a screenplay that is missing most character names and descriptions of action.

Instead of finishing this book, I think I will go watch an old Man from U.N.C.L.E. episode.