Gossamer Axe

Gael Baudino
Gossamer Axe Cover

Gossamer Axe


How do I describe a book that's both corny and wondrous at the same time? It's kind of corny because it's about an ancient woman living in late 1980s Denver who uses heavy metal music to fight for the release of her lover from a dark, magical place. It's wondrous for the exact same reason. Christa is a harpist from pre-Christian Ireland. The music she creates is her source of magic. She lost her lover in a land of immortals in the 1700s, controlled by a bard who is a greater harpist than Christa. Now she has discovered that heavy metal just might be the magical weapon she can use against the bard to rescue her lover Judith. So yes, it sounds corny, but I was completely pulled into the plot and characters.

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