Mona Lisa Overdrive

William Gibson
Mona Lisa Overdrive Cover

Mona Lisa Overdrive


Somewhat better than the second book, takes the standalone elements of the previous two books and combines them. Originally read in the 80s, I didn't recall these books set so far apart in time. Part heist, part thriller - good characters, great ending!

This series defined cyberpunk, and while that concept was mostly a dream while the author pecked out the first novel on a manual typewriter, it was much closer to reality in 1988. The same year this novel came out, an adventure video game was released based on the first book.

I recommend the series, even to friends who really disliked the first book. The second and third books are much more accessible (and more fun). The big picture behind them (hinted at in book two, revealed here) take the series from gritty cyberpunk to actual science fiction. Looking forward to re-reading more William Gibson this year.