We Who Are About To…

Joanna Russ
We Who Are About To… Cover

more than feminist pulp



The main gist of what I wanted to say is that We Who Are About To... is a lot more than a feminist novel. Framing the novel only as such--an easy mistake as Russ is the author of the better known The Female Man, and maybe even more importantly as identity politics is important in today's discourse on culture--does the novel tremendous disservice. Not that its feminist stance is not important, on the contrary, and well-done at that. But I'll refrain from elaborating further, and urge you to read the entirety of Duchamp's take--if you've read the book already that is, as the first experience of this book suffers badly if you've had too many spoilers.


I'll refrain from elaborate comparisons to The Handmaid's Tale, a book that's about forced pregnancies as well. Atwood's book is 10 years younger, but it's a lot less radical in conception. More importantly: as a social analysis, it is also a lot less believable, as I wrote in my review.


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