Binti: Home

Nnedi Okorafor
Binti: Home Cover

Binti: Home


After reading Binti I picked up parts two and three in the Binti trilogy of novellas right away. The joy/pitfalls of eBooks, they are so available! No wait time, and no need to get up off the couch. Poor wallet ;).

The story of Binti, which started in Binti is continued in Binti: Home. Binti has made it to the Oomza University, but is struggling with her own unique Himba culture and the strangeness of her new life and body. After her first year at university, she goes home to face her family and tribe.

I read Binti: Home right after reading Binti (and I am reading Binti: The Night Masquerade straight after this one). That makes it feel more like one big novel, which it totally could be. Therefore I find it hard to form an opinion based on this novella specifically. All I can say is that if you liked Binti, you'll like this one. It gets the same four out of five stars from me.