Uller Uprising

H. Beam Piper
Uller Uprising Cover

Uller Uprising


Uller Uprising is a story about the military forces of a mining company on an extra-terrestrial planet using atomic bombs to put down a native rebellion. The story references are quite dated, perhaps understandably so since the novel was written not long after World War II. One of the main characters is an Argentine of Nazi heritage. There are references to Hitler, Luftwaffe, burp guns, bayonets, etc. The story itself is just so-so.

I heard a Librivox audiobook. Apparently H. Beam Piper's books are in the public domain. I've heard a number of Librivox audiobooks that were quite well read, unfortunately, in this case, the book was read by various readers and the reading was mostly amateurish. I was annoyed by mispronunciations and many instances of putting the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle. I suspect the quality of the reading may have affected my rating of the book.