Stephen Aryan
Chaosmage Cover



The last novel of The Age of Darkness trilogy dissapoints. It starts a bit like one of the X Files eposodes: something weird is happening in a small town far away from the civilization. Then the author moves on with gathering two detectives who embark on a journey to Voechenka to solve the mistery. And the detectives do the job finding out in the meantime a a bad ones and a monster. I expected the author to come up with some interesting ending and it turned out to be quite stereotypical. Pity.

I regret that Vargus, who I thought is going to play some important role, pops in and out and eventually turns out to be quite insignificant. I feel like Aryan didnt exploit the theme of gods enough, leaving a bit of a void in the novel.

What I liked about it is reintroducing Balfruss, who dissapeared in the second novel. I also like the fact that the three novels are loosely related to each other and in fact can be read separately. There are elements which link them, which makes reading more interesting, but this does not save my reception of those books.

The novel is entertaining, easy to read with a nice language, XFiles type story but the plot is way too simple to leave room for any second thoughts. The third awful book cover does not help.