The Collapsing Empire

John Scalzi
The Collapsing Empire Cover

The Collapsing Empire


A quick read, light, enjoyable (sort of), trending towards predictability and utterly forgettable.

About a hundred pages in the similarities with Dune were obvious: Imperial set-up, warring houses, trade guild, funky mode of travel, etc.

But Dune carries with it a gravity of the what if: what if humans were like this, under these circumstances, far in the future. This novel was built with believable characteristics of what people are like, today, whirled together with set pieces from our past, in a light sort of entertaining way.

Same sorts of things, but utterly forgettable. I don't know/remember any of their names and I just read it, as compared to Paul Maud'dib, and I haven't read Dune in 15 years, at least.

This is a locus winner? Something that will barely stay with me a week after it's over and done with?

Perhaps all that there's left to do is sigh with disappointment.