A Dirty Job

Christopher Moore
A Dirty Job Cover

A Dirty Job


Somewhat silly and mostly humorous, but goes on a lot longer than it should.

The plot summary is well covered in the book blurb and most reviews. I appreciated the (mostly) caricatured characters, and their satire. The snarky humor is good, though a bit overdone at times. This is not the first Christopher Moore I have read, and I would still recommend the irreverent Lamb as a very good example of his work (he says it is his favorite book).

The plot of A Dirty Job is a bit convoluted, overly long, and covers six years without much warning that time is passing. Many extraneous passages, including one describing hospice workers (understandable with the dedication), and a religious zealot chanting "death to the infidel" (no effect on the plot). Wraps up quickly and in a decent fashion, and a sequel was released 9 years later.

It is perhaps telling that I am in no rush to put it on hold at the library. 2½ stars (out of 5).