The Black Tides of Heaven

Neon Yang
The Black Tides of Heaven Cover

The Black Tides of Heaven


I found the large many-year gaps in the story and the lack of any real detail for a lot of the worldbuilding -- and inconsistencies in the details we are given -- to be pretty unsatisfying. The numerous inconsistencies in how and when genders are chosen, and the apparent contradiction between whether people are born with 1) no gender which is changed by drugs according to their choice, or 2) a biological gender, which is altered by drugs if the gender they choose does not match the gender with which they're born, may not be worldbuilding flaws -- but they sure seem like it.

As far as the day/night cycle goes, I'm quite willing to roll with the fantasy binary system or whatever causes two day/night cycles which are somehow different from each other -- but it doesn't make sense that their ancestors wouldn't have evolutionarily adapted to that.

It may be that the intent here to bring out part of the story as a novella and later expand it to novel form by filling in the blanks. A lot of authors have done that, and I don't really have a problem with it. But I kind of feel that I'm not getting a complete story in the novella form, which is something I expect (rather than getting an extract of a novel).