The Survivors

Tom Godwin
The Survivors Cover

The Survivors


This is a multi-generational story about marooned survivors of a failed escape from alien invaders, and their lenghty struggle for survival, adaptation and revenge for themselves and those enslaved on another world.

The story is evocative of an allen world and a few of it's more dangerous inhabitants. It moves along at a good pace to its somewhat unpredictable (but predictably violent) conclusion.

The author tends to describe the character's motivations and inspirations rather than reveal them through dialogue and action, which becomes redundant after a while and creates unnecessary breaks in the story flow.

In addition, the decisions the marooned survivors make are not particularly sensible in the beginning, nor do they improve much with experience. The author does not appear to have consulted with survival experts or felt the characters would not be practical in their choices. many of which lead to massive loss of life.

If you can stop yourself from continually asksing "Why did they do that instead of this?" and "Why arent't they doing this basic thing now?", the story will feel more compelling.