A Song for a New Day

Sarah Pinsker
A Song for a New Day Cover

A Song for a New Day


This was a prescient novel, published in 2019 and winner of the Nebula Award. It predicts a U.S. ravaged by a plague, domestic terrorists, and predatory mega-corporations, which pretty much occurred just one year later. It's about the fight to get people to play and hear music live instead of virtually many years after a shelter in place edict has been instituted. The mega-corporations help keep the mandate in place so that they can control consumerism long after the plague and the terrorism has subsided. As a musician, I could really relate to the characters and their love of live performance and live listening, but found the fight against the shelter in place order to be a frightening read at a time when in real life, the pandemic is still escalating. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the book, finding it a fast-paced, exciting, easy read.

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