Paris Adrift

E. J. Swift
Paris Adrift Cover

Paris Adrift


Imagine if you were able to visit Paris at different points in time. And what if your actions could change the future, either for the better or the worse...

The story opens with a glimpse of a dark dystopian future where survivors of a devastating war are discussing the possibilities of changing the past. Following this, we shift to the present-day where we are introduced to main character Hallie. She is a British university student spending a gap-year living and working in present-day Paris. As we get to know her via her friends and surroundings, a strange encounter with a Japanese woman changes Hallie's life.

Paris Adrift is a time-travel story which uses the setting of Paris as a focal point for the narrative. We visit the city at different points in time and it feels like a character itself, so important is it to the story. I enjoyed the snapshots of Paris through the ages but felt that they were a little too brief. I wanted to know more and would've liked the author to have spent more time in each period. The future-Paris she imagines is quite fascinating and could've made a great story by itself.